our story

We’re a couple who share a litter of kids, cats, and a love for travelling, eating, cooking and hosting. This small restaurant is our passion project and a lifelong dream to leave our desk jobs behind.

It is our most special place; a home to a growing family of good people who are supporting their families, fleeing wars or hardships in neighbouring regions, learning new skills, contributing to the Egyptian economy, redefining the meaning of hospitality, and trying to shine a positive light on our region’s food and beverage scene. The diversity of our team is a reflection of our multicultural identity: we’d like to believe that we are global citizens.

And, as global citizens, we believed that everyone loved pizza!

Everyone. All over the world.

That’s how WTC was born: because everyone loves pizza.

Dareen started out as an AVPN-certified pizzaiola and quickly progressed to becoming an AVPN Brand Ambassador and their Arabic language instructor, having twice participated in the free worldwide masterclass marathon which streamed live from Cairo, teaching the Neapolitan method in Arabic to a global audience for the first time ever.

Helmy is the business and numbers guy. He brings in more than 20 years of experience in business planning, modelling, and strategy. He makes the most amazing excel files which are able to plan our finances years in advance.

Our previous life in the communications industry helped fuel our growth organically, online and offline, and we are now proud to be considered a Pioneer in Field for our efforts to popularize the authentic pizza Napoletana in the Arab world and Africa. Dareen is now the only Arab Pizza Chef ranked on 50 Top Pizza’s World’s 100 Best and represents one of only two pizzerias headed by a woman Pizza Chef on the list (the other being in Argentina , hello ladies!).

All of our ingredients are very carefully selected for quality, authenticity and source, whether they are of local or international origin. However, we are on a constant quest to source more sustainably, and are excited with the progress made in the food production field, which has rapidly evolved in the last few years in Egypt. We’ll be regularly updating our social channels and blog with information about the importance of these ingredients, and why we go to such great lengths to use specific products from specific suppliers.

We believe great food is the best medium through which we can bring people and cultures together. Not fancy shmancy décor.

We believe tasty, traditional, time-tested food is good for your body and your soul. Not obscurely-named marketing fads.

We believe that it’s possible to offer people the chance to enjoy good food from another continent, as if they were there, without compromise. Not washed-down imitations.

We also happen to believe that we can do all of that while respecting each other and the environment.

Sounds too optimistic? Maybe. But we’re going to try our best.

Come see for yourself! We can’t wait to share our passion with you.


The WTC Family