Apr 4

crazy covid

It’s like we’re all living in a science fiction movie. Some of us find it a little scary, some a little annoying. We, however, are trying to stay positive about this and how we can all learn a great deal about ourselves, our planet and each other. We’re also doing everything we can to make sure we do our part; by giving everyone in Maadi, stuck at home, a chance to have a safe, delicious, wholesome and light escape from all the drama.

As a family-run business (read about us here), we have kids and grandparents at home, so we’re taking hypochondriac-level precautions; from sanitizing ourselves and everything we come into contact with, to sterilizing work surfaces, fridges and tools twice a day. We’ve arranged paid sick leave and private transport for all of our staff, and our delivery crew are always donned in face masks and gloves. And, of course, our food is prepared in a very high temperature oven and isn’t touched after preparation.

Until this passes, we will not be able to accept any dine-in guests, but you can drop by to pick up an order, or just have it delivered (order online on facebook, instagram or by calling us). This isn’t perfect because our pizza is best enjoyed fresh out of the oven, so please forgive us if the product you receive isn’t exactly what you see in the pictures. We do not deliver outside of a 15-minute radius from our location, so the food should arrive hot, but if you need to reheat it, please do so in an oven at max temperature for as short a period as posssible. Microwaves dehumidify food and will make our flatbreads dry and chewy.

We hope everyone can use this time to reconnect with those they love (including themselves). Please stay safe!