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and this isn’t the pizza you know

We’ve gone to great lengths to bring real Neapolitan technique and tradition to Cairo, and we’re Africa’s first and only AVPN affiliate pizzeria.

This means that we make something truly authentic; from handmade Neapolitan ovens and top quality local and imported Italian ingredients, to our AVPN-certified pizzaiola and highly-coveted official AVPN affiliation - everything that goes into making a pizza is exactly as it would be in Naples, and has been for generations. The end result is a pizza probably unlike anything you’ve had in Egypt before.

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and this isn’t the pizza you know

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real quality ingredients

There is no Italian food without high quality ingredients. That’s why we make pizza with Italian fresh cheeses, flour and tomatoes.

What's True Neapolitan Pizza?

respect for technique

Find out more about what the AVPN is, and why it matters that we’re the only affiliate pizzeria in Egypt and Africa.

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family-run business

This small restaurant is our passion project and a lifelong dream to leave our desk jobs behind.

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